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SatisfactionAt Last™

Start Vaping For Only

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More vapor production than e-cigs.

Low maintenance

No replacement parts.

For every taste

Multiple flavors in 5 categories to choose from.

Easy to Use

Just Choose. Click. Vape.

The Smoking Alternative
You've Been Looking For.

Neither an e-cigarette, nor a vaping “mod”, Cue Vapor System is a hybrid that brings you the best of both worlds.

Take the easy-to-use, pre-filled cartridges and low maintenance aspects of e-cigs, and add the sub-ohm tech and 25-watt power of more advanced vaping devices to get a satisfying smoking alternative that will change the way you think about vaping.

The sleek, user-friendly design gives you a more modern, socially-acceptable way to fit into society and strengthen your relationships. At Last.

Change Your Life, Forget All This

Cleaning ashtrays
Wet matches or cigarettes
Smelling Offensive
Messy Refills

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