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Vaping is not for everyone

We stress Cue is a satisfactory alternative for adult smokers, but still hear about how kids get access to vapor products. Not cool. We support protecting children from vaping, and the government should do more on this front. Join us in calling on Congress to focus on reducing children’s access to adult vapor products.

Right now it’s too easy for minors to buy vaping products. For example, vapor products are legally sold in vending machines and self-serve kiosks that don’t (and often can’t) confirm if a buyer is of legal age to buy them. Plus, vapor products can be openly advertised and marketed in publications with large under-age audience. Moreover, not all products have clear warnings that remind everyone of the age restrictions on use.

Addressing these problems are really that simple by supporting the bipartisan Cole-Bishop amendment. How? It emphasizes the need to protect children by eliminating self-service displays, banning vending machine sales, banning vaping advertising and marketing in publications with large youth audiences, and requiring clear age restriction warnings be added to all vapor product labels.

As much as we at Cue Vapor support the Cole-Bishop Amendment, the more voices, the faster and more likely we can get this bill passed. Congress needs to be reminded how important protecting kids from vaping products is.

Make Your Voice Heard! (Action Center Link)

Traveling with Cue. Where can I vape? - World Tourism Day Edition

What Is World Tourism Day? September 27th is World Tourism Day, which is meant to raise awareness on sustainable tourism and make tourism a catalyst for positive change. But what does that mean for you and your Cue while traveling? Read on for common rules and etiquette for a relaxing trip wherever you go. Can I vape on a plane? This is [...]

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Satisfaction. At Last.

Satisfaction At Last!A special shout-out to our loyal customers! We wouldn’t be here without you and the valuable feedback you’ve given to us on what you love about the Cue Vapor System™.Many of you have shared your stories and explained how Cue has at last provided you with the satisfaction you’ve been seeking—a combination of great flavor, nicotine [...]

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Join us at a Cue Event!

Our “Satisfaction. At Last” events happening nationwide are a great way for adult smokers to try an easy-to-use smoking alternative. We’ll be popping up at music festivals, Nascar races, local retail locations, and much more. Be in the know, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for up-to-date event notifications.Cue Sampling Follows FDA RulesOn [...]

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What do the new FDA Tobacco regulations mean for vaping?

The regulatory space around vaping has been changing at lightning speed. Here’s the brief (recent) history: Apr 2016: FDA announces new deeming rule All vapor product on the market before Aug 8, 2016 will be allowed to stay on the market while going through the Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process Aug 2016: New FDA Deeming Rule went into [...]

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Cue: Getting Started

So you just received your Cue Vapor System, but now what? Do you have a short Quick Start Guide in the package? Check. Are there many searchable FAQs on the website for other questions? Check. Are customer service reps available to help? Check. But you’re already here and just want a quick tutorial without having to go elsewhere? No worries! [...]

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On/Off 101

If you had to take one guess as to which “how-to” question we’re asked more than any other, what would it be? “How do I turn my device on?” Did you guess it? Believe it or not, something as simple to use as Cue actually requires more than just the press of a button to turn it on. Instead, [...]

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"Satisfaction. At Last." - Tour Update

If you haven’t been able to join us at a Cue event on the road, you still have plenty of time. We aren’t even halfway through! Be sure to check out our event schedule and stop by and join us for music, racing and more, while seeing how Cue works as a smoking alternative in [...]

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