5-Flavor Promo Discovery Pack by Cue Vapor

5-Flavor Discovery Pack

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Searching for which Cue Flavor or nicotine level is right for you? Our 5-Flavor Discovery Pack comes with (1) Berry Smooth, (1) Fresh Melon, (1) Vanilla Cream, (1) Chocolate Banana, and (1) Creamy Mint so you can find your perfect match.
Discovery Pack
Discover New Flavors
Choose your nicotine level then discover what you've been missing.
Vape All Day
Our powerful battery allows for maximum vaping between recharges.
Save Money
Each pre-filled cartridge includes e-liquid and a new coil, saving you time and money.
Tobacco Discovery Pack

Our simple to use, disposable, pre-filled E-Liquid cartridges provide no mess and unparalleled convenience in a premium-performance device. Our E-Liquid flavors are made in the USA with the finest domestic and imported ingredients.

Our Exclusive 5-Tobacco Discovery Pack includes:
(1) Full Tobacco
(1) Smooth Tobacco
(1) Apple Tobacco
(1) Peach Tobacco
(1) Menthol Tobacco

Available in 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml nicotine levels. US and international patents pending.

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